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I) The Bela Biennial of Contemporary Art in its fifth edition will be described in this Notice and by this instrument.

II) The Bela Biennial of Contemporary Art Brazil and Finland is a cultural event organized by the following institutions: AVA Galleria, Projeto Arte Vida Arte and Espaço Cultural Marilene Carvalho. It counts with the support of the following spaces and entities: The Cable Factory (Finland), Centro Cultural Correios (Rio de Janeiro), Espaço Cultural Correios (Niterói), Casa França Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) and Military Club of Rio de Janeiro.

III) The Biennial has as main objective to create interchange between European and Latin American contemporary art cultures, promoting, encouraging and disseminating the production of artistic expressions in the visual arts, in the categories of painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, photography, sculpture, street art, installation and three-dimensional object.

IV) The project also aims to highlight the importance of preserving nature and the environment, which is the theme of the exhibition.

V) The object of the present Call for Proposals is not restricted to Brazilian artists only, but also to all European and Latin American artists. The objective of the present Tender Protocol is to include the largest number of Latin American and European artists, not only those living in Brazil or Finland.


VI) The BELA Biennial 2021 will be curated by European and Latin American artists, distinguished in the art world, chosen by the organizers and curatorial team.

VII) The selection of the works will be made by the Judging Committee, especially established for this purpose and composed of people linked to the visual arts, with extensive knowledge of the visual arts.

VIII) To apply, the artists must fill out the registration form and send images of up to 3 (three) works by e-mail. Being approved, the artist will have until the end of August 2021 to send the image(s) of the final work(s), which will be used in the Official Catalog of the event, which will be online.

IX) The theme that corresponds to this Biennial is Nature/Environment, and the work(s) submitted must justify this theme in its composition. Upon being selected, the artist must send a conceptual text about his work.
Single paragraph - Artists who participated in previous editions are automatically approved for the fifth edition of the Bela Bienal in 2021.


X) Works that fit into one of the categories defined in Article 3 and produced by artists over the age of 18, completed by the deadline for registration, may be enrolled in the 2021 Bela Biennial. Each artist may apply in one or more categories with a maximum of 03 (three) works in each category, provided that they fit in this announcement and are of his exclusive authorship and property.

XI) The size of the works, an indispensable condition for participation in the exhibitions, should follow the following maximum measurements:

a) Painting/Drawings: up to 1.20 meters high by 1.20 meters wide, and two works of 60 x 40 cm;

b) Sculptures and three-dimensional objects: 2 meters high, 1 meter wide and weight no more than 30 Kg.

c) The photos, digital arts and engravings must meet the measurement criteria in scale of 0.60 cm x 0.40 cm, or even square canvases, provided they do not exceed the measurement of 100 cm x 100 cm.


XII) The BELA Biennial 2021 will grant three awards:

1st place: Individual exhibition in Finland.

2nd place: Participation in an exhibition in Brazil

3rd place: Acquisition prize of 500 Euros (five hundred euros)


XIII) Applications will be open until October 20, 2021. The communication of the selection of the works will be made by the curatorship of the event by e-mail. The selected artists will participate in a virtual exhibition that will be launched from September 2021. The Biennial will have an exhibition at the Centro Cultural Correios in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, from November 2021 to January 2022, and will also have a 06 (six) month exhibition at the Città Office Mall in Barra da Tijuca.

XIV) By registering, the artist is automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Tender Protocol in its entirety, including, in the case of selection and/or award, authorizing the use of copyrights to the sponsors, for insertion in commercial and other actions of interest to the project sponsors.

XV) If approved in the selection for the exhibition, the artist must send until October 20, 2021 a photo(s) of the work(s) and a photo of the artist, both with 300 DPI resolution, in addition to a curatorial text about his work, with up to 10 lines, in Portuguese and English.

First Paragraph - Being approved in the selection for the exhibition, the artist must invest the amount of 1,600.00 (one thousand and six hundred reais), related to the expenses of participation in the Online Catalog and national representation for 06 (six) months, this amount may be paid in installments up to 06 (six) times of R$290.00 (two hundred and ninety reais).

Second Paragraph - The selected artist will participate in the social project "Arte Vida Arte", which helps unfortunate children through art, and will have a page on the project's website, with works for sale, and commission directly allocated to help these children and their families. In addition, he will have national representation for 06 (six) months.


The Organizing Committee may publicize the event to the public by any means and in any form: books, catalogs, folders, posters, social media, exhibitions, magazines, radio, newspaper or television.

XVI) All participants must declare the estimated value of each work at the time of registration, in the proper form. In case of interest in selling the works, the artist will receive 70% of the declared value for sale.

XVII) The works not purchased may, if the artist wishes, be donated to the collection of the Cultural space of the Correios or the artist may donate directly to the Social project Arte Vida Arte.

XVIII) The winners will receive their awards in an event at the Centro Cultural Correios Rio de Janeiro, on a date to be confirmed and informed 30 days prior to its realization, by sending an invitation to winners and guests


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